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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Making Asteroids part 3

Today my packet of flying bases arrived, so having prepped some lessons I took to the workbench. The flying bases are the hexagonal based type with a clear pin you insert.

The first job is to cut off the little tab at the end of the stand, and then to drill down with a pin vice to a depth of about 4-5mm.

I then clipped the ends off a load of dressmakers' pins and glued them into the stands. I wouldn't want to stand on these by mistake!

Finally it was just a case of applying some superglue to the pins and stabbing each asteroid. Et voila:

                            You're not actually going into an asteroid field are you?

Fear not LOTR fans, normal service will resume soon, although the next two weekends look like being painting free zones. :(

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