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Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Hills are alive!

OWhat an unproductive month! I've managed to snatch small spells at the desk and done bits on the hills. They are pretty much done now and look good, although there are small gaps between the bark sections that I just can't get a brush to. With hindsight I would have painted them before putting the bark on. Next time...

Anyway, here are some of the photos of the project. First up the rock faces having been dry rushed with layers of browns.

And the nearly finished pieces:

Finally I finished Saruman off. I'm still playing with different methods of painting whites. This one used a grey base coat. I think I prefer a slightly browner base, but it depends on the model I guess. I haven't flocked the base yet as the wash on the beard was wet.

I haven't quite managed to finish Tauriel off, just some details on the tree stump on the base to do, like the fungus and the vines.

So Saruman puts my painting output at 8 for the month, with none purchased. My backlog is slowly decreasing. I have bought the Imperial Aces set for X-Wing though, which I'm looking forward to flying at some point soon.

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