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Friday, 8 June 2012

Wow - 2 updates in 2 days!

Having completed the Great Beast, the crew are next. These orcs are fantastic sculpts, using bits of the previous plastic and metal orcs and even the helmet that Frodo wears through Mordor. I'm tempted to swap 2 of them for plastic archers just to give some variation to my orc infantry.
I'm also contemplating some sort of pinning system so that they can be removed from the Beast when dead. That may be a while off though.

It looks as though one of the crew has sneaked into both photos!

In other news Josh and I have recently finished off some rocky outcrops to use in the Fellowship of the Ring scenarios. Really simple stuff - just chunks of slate on bases, but they look good. One of them is bark instead of slate as a test. I think it makes a great rock substitute, and is a whole lot lighter and less likely to chip.

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