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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Great Beast Completed and Project Gondor

Well, I've finally finished the Great Beast. I'm really pleased with the final thing, and painting it was good fun. I'm looking forward to trying it out on the table now! I decided in the end to pin all of the orcs so they can be removed as casualties.

I've also completed some orc archers that weren't used on the beast and a second barrow wight for scenarios:

And now the Beast is done, it's time for the next task - I bring you "Project Gondor!"
Last summer I went a bid mad on ebay and bought over 100 Gondor models. Many are elites, but I'm starting on the basic Warriors of Minas Tirith, plus a few siege crew, captains and Faramir (54 in total). To save time I sprayed them with the Army Painter platemail spray which seems great on the few test pieces I've done. I've also base coated all the faces. I hope I can get these done before I bore myself too much!

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