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Friday, 4 May 2012

New recruits

So painting hasn't really been my top priority this year but I've slowly knocked out a few models whenever I've had the time. This dwarf captain will be useful as a slightly cheaper hero for my dwarf army and with the new 'battle companies' rule might turn out to be a necessity. I experimented with the red cloak, trying to avoid my usual urge to make use of a wash.


 The drummers below are pretty useless given the low number of goblins I have painted up but this year I decided to only buy one model for every ten I paint so this was a quick way of adding three to my tally.

The orc is a very experimental paint job but I love the results. I want to paint up the full set of the original metal lotr orcs as they are my favourite metal miniatures from the gw lotr range. Hopefully, I'll post more of them throughout the year.

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