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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Isengard Commanders

I experimented a little with some green washes and watered down rusty brown for Grishnakh's plate armour. The overall model is a good result.

This captain is converted using a simple head swap and a little green stuff. It took ages to hack the head off, before adding the one from the conversion sprue.

This converted banner bearer is perhaps my favourite conversion to date. I used a broken pikeman and some brass rod. I used some buttons from my friend's craft collection, in the middle of which I sculpted the white hands. I also modelled a glove on top of the haft and some straps and rivets to make it more convincing at the back. The overall concept is inspired by Roman legionary standard, many of which coincidentally had a hand at the top. I love the Roman military and it seemed fitting given the Romanesque lorica segmentica doned by the Isengard soldiers.

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